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Windows software example cannot connect the µFR device. Missing library

Missing library? #

After downloading any programming language SDK for Windows OS, if it includes the source code software example or you are about to develop your custom project, make sure that the uFCoder-x86.dll library is present in the software executable folder. 

If the library is not present in the .exe file folder, please check other SDK folders (it is usually stored in /lib/your_os/ folder). Otherwise, download the library from the GitLab repository, unpack the file and copy the library into your project executable folder.

µFR Series libraries #

The µFR Series libraries support the µFR Series devices and related SDK.

Libraries are available for the following platforms:

  • Windows 32 and 64 bit (static and dynamic)
  • Windows ARM
  • Linux 32 and 64 bit (dynamic only)
  • Linux ARM and ARM-HF (dynamic only)
  • Mac OSX 32 and 64 bit (dynamic only)
  • iOS 64 bit (static only).

Implementation #

Download the project, select appropriate architecture, and place a library in the appropriate directory.
Find more details in the µFR Series API reference. For quick insight and functions’ prototypes, check  the/include/ufCoder.h header file.

Requirements #

µFR Series device.

Notice #

These libraries are specific to the listed hardware ONLY.  There is no guarantee that they might be functional with any other hardware.