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Card/tag reading error on NT4H C Console software with device firmware version 5.0.52

The (currently latest) firmware version 5.0.52 may cause some SDK functions error, or the console freezing (issue detected in ufr-examples-c-nt4h software). If you are experiencing such a problem, the solution Is to install another firmware version on your device.

If there is on new firmware version available in our firmware update list, we advise the firmware downgrade.

The upgrade or downgrade of the firmware to the 5.0.51 version solves this issue.

To install the new firmware, you can use the µFR Nano Online web settings (device IP), search for available firmware versions, and select the latest available firmware version, or the 5.0.51 version from the list.



Alternatively, for this purpose, you can also use desktop software

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