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Use the NDEF methods with the NT4H on µFR Nano reader (eg erase_all_ndef_records) – NDEF_UNSUPPORTED_CARD_TYPE status message


I am getting the NDEF_UNSUPPORTED_CARD_TYPE status message. 
How to proceed in order to use the NDEF methods with NT4H (eg erase_all_ndef_records) on the µFR Nano reader?


If you’re having trouble emulating a dedicated card and erase_all_ndef_records, the possible cause may be in the firmware version of your device.

The Linear Read/Write function is used to read and store NDEF data in a tag.
If you have problems with the dedicated card emulation function and erase_all_ndef_records, this may be caused by the firmware version of your device.
When updating the firmware to the 5.0.44 version, we replaced the NFC tag emulation with the MCU for Tag Tamper and ECC signature functions.

To enable the card emulation function, you need to flash your device with some of the earlier firmware versions, such as FW 5.0.42 or FW 5.0.45.

We are still working on a new firmware development with TT, ECC and emulation included.
Unfortunately, in order to make more room for new features, some other features had to be removed. Some of the removed functions are the internal DES, 3DES encryption, etc.