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Contactless credit card data reading the Digital Logic NFC RFID reader

NFC RFID readers of the Digital Logic current product line are capable to read the credit card UID only. Most of the credit card data is difficult to get due to these cards’ specific security.

Credit cards  public data reading #

Digital Logic provides ready-to-use software solutions for credit cards  public data reading  in the following programming languages:

C #:
C # WPF:
C ++:

Our Java and C # WPF software examples use a new EMV_GetPAN function. This function gets the PAN (card number) from VISA and MasterCard cards directly.
For the software examples in other programming languages, the card data reading process starts with reading the public data, then parsing the data, and finally displaying the reading result.
If your project requires the card PAN reading only, we recommend the EMV_GetPAN function implementation.

APDU commands send & receive (Credit Card public data reading) #

Digital Logic also provides an SDK with source code software examples for APDU commands send & receive (Credit Card public data reading).
Find more details on the APDU Commands Software page.