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If your device is not detecting the card at the usual distance for that card type, it is more likely that the device does not have the appropriate RF settings.

Hence, we advise trying to reset the device RF parameters first. For this purpose, please download our Anti-Collision SDK, which also contains a set of functions for hardware RF sensitivity adjustments.

Please, check this software description and manual on

1) The first group of commands applies to the hardware RF field setup.

Press key 9 first, and remember your reader’s current settings.

Further, you can start changing the readers’ values one by one (as listed on the software menu), while moving the card up and down for every change. This way you will be able to detect the combination of the setting that gives the best result.

2) Alternatively, you may also try our simple tool for automated RS settings, available on

If none of this solves your problem. please contact our technical support.