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µFR Nano Online Reader Protocols Structure

µFR Nano Online Reader protocols structure #

This section will describe how to use the µFR Nano Online reader.

Master mode POST request

  • In master mode, if the card is detected, the device sends an HTTP POST request to the host.
  • HTTP response must be “OK” or “FAILED” for​ firmware version 1.5.4 and below.
  • If the response is “OK”, the device will beep once and turn on the green LED.
  • If the response is “FAILED”, the device will beep twice and turn on the red LED.
  • If the server doesn’t respond, the device will beep three times and turn on the red LED.
  • For firmware version 1.6.0 and above see Master mode POST response protocol section.

Master mode HTTP POST request structure #


*  Form parameters  
Linear read disabledSNUID CTRLINFO ONLINE
 Reader Serial  Control Number 1 orLinear read
DescriptionCard UID number from 2 dependsdata as HEX
   0 to 255 of readerstring


The master mode POST response

  • When the server receives a POST request, µFR Nano Online is waiting for an HTTP response
  • The response contains HEX String commands from the µFR COM protocol
  • The response has to contain 3 rows delimited by the newline character (\n), one for each UART
  • CMD-EXT must be sent in one string preceded by CMD, without any delimiter
  • Sending multiple commands can be done by splitting multiple strings with a whitespace delimiter.

Master mode HTTP POST response structure #


Command sent to\nCommand sent to\nCommand sent to Transparent


Master mode UDP broadcast #

  • In master mode, if the card is detected and UDP broadcast is enabled, the device sends UDP broadcast
  • If an HTTP POST request is enabled, the indication is the same as described above
  • If the HTTP POST request is disabled, the device will beep once and turn on the green LED.

Master mode UDP broadcast structure #


UDP discovery server #

  • UDP discovery server is used for finding µFR readers in local networks
  • Send any UDP packet to µFR reader port 8880 and wait for a response.

UDP discovery server response example #

  *    UART 1 PORT    UART 2 PORT  
* IP address PortCP Baud rate PortCP Baud rate 
DEC192 168158881‘T’ 115200 8882‘U’ 250000 
HEXC0 A80105B1225400C20100B2225590D00300

*CP is a network communication protocol. ‘T’ stands for TCP and ‘U’ for UDP.

µFR Nano Online only COM protocol commands #

  • These commands are µFR Nano Online only
  • Commands are sent in ASCII mode
  • Commands are used in Transparent, BLE Serial, and BLE Low Energy mode.
!TURN_MST_MODE_ON!Toggle the device to WiFi master mode.
!TURN_SLV_MODE_ON!Toggle the device to WiFi slave mode.
!TURN_BLE_MODE_ON!Toggle the device to BLE Low Energy mode.
!TURN_SPP_MODE_ON!Toggle the device to BLE Serial mode.
!TURN_HID_MODE_ON!Toggle device to BLE HID mode.
!TURN_AP0_MODE_ON!Turn off Access Point when BLE is using.
!TURN_AP1_MODE_ON!Turn on Access Point when BLE is on.
!TURN_LD0_MODE_ON!Turn off the  LED indication when BLE is on.
!TURN_LD1_MODE_ON!Turn on the LED indication when BLE is using.