USB to RS485 Interface Converter

USB to RS485 Interface Converter
The USB-2-RS485 device is a USB to RS485 interface converter. It adds a standard 2-wire half-duplex RS485 bus interface to computers with a USB interface.
This device is supported by all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android.
A virtual COM port driver is included, that is, the RS485 interface can be accessed as a standard serial COM port e.g. using any terminal program like HyperTerminal (supplied with all versions of Microsoft Windows).


  • USB
    • Connection to USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 hosts possible
    • USB full-speed device (12MBit/s)
    • Bus-powered (no extra power supply needed)
  • RS485
    • Half-duplex communication mode
    • No loopback (the receiver is switched off while the transmitter is active)
    • 120 Ω termination resistor
    • Plastic housing


USB to RS485 device uses the FTDI chip drivers which can be obtained at FTDI’s official website.

After installing the FTDI drivers the device is registered as USB Serial Converter.