RGB LED Display Module – 8×6 x 5050

Controllable RGB LED (APA104 | SK6812) with integrated drivers

Gif 2020 C

Display module comprised of 48 addressable RGB LEDs with integrated drivers arranged in a 8 x 6 matrix.
Primarily designed to be used with Digital Logic’s Controller Board, but it can also be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other programmable circuit boards and controllers.

Display SDK software is available for free download.




  • Width: 48 mm
  • Height: 88 mm
  • Thickness (without connectors): 3 mm
  • Thickness (with connectors): 8.2 mm

Modules are designed so they can be connected in-line to each other.
The maximum number of modules connected in line depends on the supply current.

We may ship with either APA104 or SK6812 based LEDs. They have the same bright color and use the same protocol.

led display

led 3

led 4

led 2