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µFR Go Language NFC RFID Software

Go SDK - NFC RFID Card UID reading source code example

The Go language is becoming more and more widely used in web development, DevOps, and system programming. If Go is your first choice for your NFC project with µFR Series devices, Digital Logic provides the full SDK for all operating systems with Go language software example for card UID reading.

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Software overview

Software functions:

  • Reader Open 
  • Advanced Reader Open 
  • Card UID Reading

Available programming languages:

  • Go

Supported operating systems, platforms, and environments:

  • Android
  • Arduino
  • ESP32
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows

Supported tags, labels, cards:

  • MIFARE® family
  • NTAG® family
  • SmartMX® family

Recommended hardware:

golang ufr software
Software SDKDescription

Source code of a simple UID reading app in the Go programming language.

Software manual

1. uFR GoLang Software – Execute Software Example

Download: ufr-examples-golang-master

Download and extract the Go SDK software pack. Navigate to the software root folder and run the ufr.exe file.

Launching the application opens a command prompt with a printout of the home menu.
If you have installed your hardware drivers properly (an appropriate µFR Series Reader/Writer), you will be able to open the reader by selecting the menu option:

  • Option 1 – for an automatic device search and reader opening (opens the first device found on the system)
  • Option 2 – to enter opening parameters manually. 


2. uFR GoLang Software – Reader Open

Selecting the menu option 1 will open the connected reader. When the reader opens, the console displays the success message. The software is now ready to ready the card UID. 

golang ufr open reader 1

3. uFR GoLang Software – Advanced Reader Open

To open the connected reader by specifying the parameters manually, enter value 2 for the second menu option, and fill in the required parameters.


Find detailed instructions on the ReaderOpenEx function for advanced reader opening in µFR Series API.


4. uFR GoLang Software – Read Card UID

After the communication with the connected reader is established, simply press Enter to read the card UID



This manual presents the software example in the Go programming language. 
Please, check the software repository for all available programming languages source code examples.

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