NFC USB Dongle – JustID

NFC USB Dongle – JustID

ISO14443 A/B, ISO15693, HID (Human Interface Device), CDC ACM (Virtual COM Port)

JustID (JID) is an NFC reader based on 13.56MHz contactless (RFID) HF technology.
JID NFC reader is specially designed to solely provide one of the most used functions of an NFC reader – reading the NFC card’s serial number (UID) only.

It works with all NFC cards based on ISO14443 A/B and ISO15693 standards.

JID reader supports both HID (Human Interface Device) and CDC ACM (USB communications device class – Virtual COM Port) interface, meaning you can use it without any installed software or drivers. A true plug-and-play NFC reader.

In HID usage, the primary function of this NFC device is to read the UID (card serial number) of an NFC card and input the data into the selected text field (i.e. Excel Sheet, login screen, etc.) using the built-in keyboard emulation feature.
In CDC ACM usage, card UID (card serial number) is an asynchronous transmitter to the Virtual COM Port on any terminal or any software that uses COM Port.

JustID NFC reader is designed as an entry-level device, but it can be upgraded (via firmware upgrade) with more advanced features.

Apart from USB connectivity, the JustID NFC reader is also available with a UART TTL connectivity option. In this option, like in CDC ACM usage, card UID is asynchronously transmitted, but from a real UART port in this case. Use it to connect to embedded devices such as microcontrollers, single-board computers (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagle Bone, etc.), or other devices with a UART TTL interface.
All models are available for purchase with customized/personalized labels or as OEM PCB.

JID USB Reader


Who is it for?

JustID RFID NFC Reader is a device intended for all those interested in reading serial numbers (UIDs) from NFC cards. No matter the age or skill set, anyone who can connect the JID reader to a host platform such as a PC, tablet, or mobile phone, will be able to use it to read NFC cards/tags.

The most typical usage for JustID reader is inventory/asset management, login, attendance tracking, loyalty programs, library management, etc.


JustID NFC Reader’s hardware is based on PN7462, one of the latest NFC controllers from NXP. The NFC reader’s operating frequency is 13.56MHz and it supports ISO14443 A/B and ISO15693 standards for HF contactless communication and data transmission.

JID USB Reader compositionJID NFC reader supports working with all ISO14443 and ISO15693 NFC cards/tags, including (but not limited to):

  • MIFARE Mini®,
  • MIFARE Classic® (1K, 4K, EV1),
  • MIFARE Ultralight®,
  • MIFARE Ultralight C®,
  • MIFARE Plus® (2K, 4K, S, X, EV1),
  • MIFARE DESFire® (Light, 2K, 4K, 8K, EV1, EV2),
  • NXP NTAG® 21x (210, 213, 215, 216, Tag Tamper),
  • NXP NTAG® 4xx DNA (413, 424),
  • NXP JCOP® Java Card (J3A040, J3A081, J3H145, JC30M48CR).

Besides, this tool supports all other tags compatible with the listed above.

Even though the supported technologies list is already wide, our development team constantly works on product improvements and upgrades, staying in line with this technology’s global trends.


The OEM board is available in three versions:

  • USB – with standard USB A-type connector
  • UART TTL – with the 5-pin male header connector
  • RS-232 – via an adapter with a DB9 connector.


JustID NFC reader’s firmware comes in four versions users can choose from, starting from the most basic functionality to the most advance:

  • JustID Lite: Reading ISO14443 A/B UID only
  • JustID Standard: Reading ISO14443 A/B and ISO15693 UID
  • JustID Plus1: Enables DES/AES authentication for DESFire, MIFARE Plus, and NTAG 424 DNA tags
  • JustID VAS2: Enables reading NFC passes from iOS phones using Apple VAS (Apple Value Added Services)

Firmware can be upgraded at any time by entering the purchased firmware’s license number. For instance, you can purchase a device with JustID Lite firmware and upgrade it to JustID VAS anytime by purchasing an additional firmware license.

1 ETA 08.10.2023
2 ETA 01.12.2023


JustID reader is intended to be used without any software or drivers installed.

However, if you wish to make any changes to the device’s default configuration, for example using a prefix/suffix, AES authentication, or similar, you can do so using the configuration software provided for free from our software repository:

JID USB Reader angleThe software is fully compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows™
  • Linux®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS


  • HID (Human Interface Device)
  • CDC (Composite USB device Class) ACM (Abstract Control Model)
  • Combined mode HID + CDC ACM
  • UID mode (hexadecimal, decimal, inverted)
  • UID prefix/suffix
  • RGB LED configuration (Idle, card present)
  • Firmware update

JID reader specification:

Feature Description
Operating frequency  13.56 MHz
Smart Card Interface ISO14443 Type A & B, ISO15693
ReadRange 40mm (in enclosure), 55mm (OEM board)
Read speed Up to 848 kbps
Supply current 100mA (operating)
Supply voltage 5V
Supported cards and tags MIFARE® family: MIFARE Mini®, MIFARE Classic® (1K, 4K, EV1), MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight C®, MIFARE PLUS® (2K, 4K, S, X, EV1), MIFARE DESFire® (Light, 2K, 4K, 8K, EV1, EV2)
NTAG® family: NXP NTAG® 2xx Type 2 (210, 213, 215, 216 Tag Tamper), NXP NTAG® 4xx DNA Type 4 (413, 424)
SmartMX® family: NXP JCOP® Java Card (J3A040, J3A081, J3H145, JC30M48CR)ICODE DNA, ICODE SLIX, (SLIX, SLIX-S, SLIX-L, SLIX 2), ICODE ILT (ILT, ILT-M
Connection and power supply  USB port, RS232, UART (TTL)
Software JID configuration tool
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows™, Linux®, macOS, Android, iOS
Size & Weight
Model Dimensions (mm) Device  Commercial Set
JustID 71 x 20 x 11g 26 g 110 g
JustID (OEM board) 69 x 15 x35 10 g 95 g


An extended “Three-year” warranty is available on request. Contact us for more details.