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Which devices belong to the μFR series?

µFR Series consists of the following devices:

µFR Nano
Our bestselling NFC Reader/Writer.
This small but powerful device is fully featured and fully NFC compliant.
Apart from the standard NFC card support, μFR Nano also features NFC tag emulation, user-controllable LEDs and beepers, a built-in anti-collision mechanism, and hardware AES128 and 3DES encryption.
Device dimensions: 27 x 85.6 x 8 mm

μFR Classic CS
Upgraded μFR Nano model with several key differences: user-controllable RGB LEDs, RF field booster (optional), and SAM card slot (optional).
Device dimensions: 54 x 85.6 x 8 mm (ISO Card Size)

μFR Classic
The more robust and rugged version of μFR Classic CS. Packed inside a durable enclosure it’s guaranteed to endure hundreds of daily card readings.
Device dimensions: 150 x 83 x 30 mm

μFR Advance
An advanced version of μFR Classic. Besides the basic functionality, it also features an integrated Real Time Clock (RTC) and user-controllable EEPROM which provide additional functionality and higher security.
Device dimensions: 150 x 83 x 30 mm

Large format NFC device based on μFR Classic CS. It provides an extraordinary reading range way beyond the NFC technology standards.
Device dimensions: 173 x 173 x 5 mm

µFR Nano Online
Upgraded µFR Nano model with additional communication options (WiFi, BLE, Ethernet), external EEPROM, RTC (optional), RGB LEDs, etc.
Device dimensions: 27 x 85.6 x 10 mm

All of our µFR Series NFC Readers come with free SDK, including credit card reading examples. Any of the above-mentioned devices will work with the same SDK.