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What is the purpose of RTC and EEPROM upgrade for µFR device?

Table of Contents

Embedded RTC #

Some projects require accurate current time instead of relying on the PC system time or the host time. Accepting the time from these sources bears a potential risk because it can be changed on purpose, causing a potential system vulnerability and security issues.
For this reason, the readers’ built-in RTC module ensures accurate timekeeping without any influence from its environment. The time set for the reader can be modified with password authentication only.

Embedded EEPROM #

User EEPROM is part of non-volatile memory for storing small amounts of important data, such as license keys and similar.
It is also a password-protected area: a valid password is required for writing data into that area. The data reading is also available with a provided password only.

This feature is very convenient for the device integration with the custom made software, or another complex project.