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Install FTDI drivers and run µFR Series software/SDK on Windows 10

If you are connecting an µFR Series device for the first time, you need to install the FTDI drivers before running the executable software or SDK. For Windows 10 we recommend downloading the setup executable FTDI file, unpack and execute the drivers. If you have any trouble installing the drivers, please check the Windows 10 Installation Guide.

After the successful driver installation, you may choose some of our executable software available at µFR NFC Tools Repository. All you need is to download and unpack the desired project, navigate to the Windows folder and execute the file (we suggest you test the card reading and writing software for Windows OS available at µFR MF Examples project

If you are about to develop a custom solution, you can choose some of our SDK tools available at NFC RFID Reader SDK. All these projects include the necessary library and compiled executable software. However, if the library is missing in some of the SDK projects, you can download it from the µFR Lib project and copy the DLL file into the folder of the software executable file.

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