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µFR Nano Online REST Services

In the table below are described all REST services available on µFR Nano Online. The HTTP​ method is POST. Basic Authorization is needed except for /uart1 and /uart2. Username and password are the same as login.

URL Parameters Description
/info None Get configuration info.
/scan None Get available WiFi networks.
/togglemode None Toggle master/slave mode.
/toggletransparent None Toggle transparent mode.
/changetransparent None Change the transparent device mode.
/changeap SSID, password Change device AP SSID and password.
/changehost host Change master mode host.
/changebroadcast IP Change master mode UDP broadcast IP.
/changeauth username, password Change authorization credentials.
/changesta SSID, password Connect to the WiFi network.
/setport port1, port2 Change UDP/TCP ports.
/disconnect None Disconnect from the WiFi network.
/restart None Reboot the device.
/toggleserver None Toggle UDP/TCP protocol. Only in slave mode.
/toggleble None Toggle BLE Low Energy mode.
/setbaud UART1, UART2 Change UART1 and UART2 baud rates.
/setdefaultbaud UART Reset connected µFR device to the default baud rate.
/toggle485 None Toggle UART2 RS485 support.
/setdefault None Reset device to factory default settings.
/togglepost None Toggle master mode POST request.
/togglebroadcast None Toggle master mode UDP broadcast.
/togglelinear None Toggle linear read. Only in master mode.
/changelinearmode mode Change linear read mode (1-8).
/changelinearsize begin, size Change linear read address and size.
/changelinearauth auth Change linear read auto mode (0x60, 0x61…)
/changelinearkeyindex index Change linear read key index (0-31).
/changelinearkey HEX string Change linear read key.
/uart1 HEX string Send HEX string commands to UART1.
/uart2 HEX string Send HEX string commands to UART2.
/tooglebt None Toggle BLE Serial mode.
/togglesleep None Toggle Modem sleep.
/update requested_fw_version Request firmware and update.
/getµFRlist UART Get µFR Nano firmware list.
/µFRupdate UART, vers Update µFR Nano. Request /getµFRlist first.
/changeblepin PIN Change BLE Low Energy passkey.
/setrtc RTC Set RTC UTC date/time.
/getrtc None GET request returns RTC UTC date/time.
/getled None GET current LED colors (r1g1b1r2g2b2) in HEX
/setled HEX colors string Set LED colors
/togglestatic None Toggle static/DHCP IP address
/changestatic IP, mask, gateway, DNS Change static IP address parameters