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Oct 10

New Digital Logic product: NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader Module – PN512 Arduino NFC Integration

Digital Logic Ltd. Unveils the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader Module

A Game-Changer for Arduino NFC Integration

Digital Logic Ltd., a trailblazer in NFC RFID hardware and software solutions, proudly introduces the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module, a groundbreaking addition to our product lineup. This advanced NFC module, based on the NXP PN512 microchip and designed to comply with the Arduino technology, promises to revolutionize the way developers and enthusiasts interact with NFC technology.

Arduino-Based Functionality: The Heart of DL512

At the core of the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module lies its Arduino-based functionality. This feature sets it apart as a versatile tool for Arduino projects that incorporate NFC technology. With the DL512, you gain access to a single-board solution that seamlessly integrates an NFC IC Chip (reader), ATmega32U microchip, and USB connector.

Key Features of NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader Module:

  1. Arduino Compatibility: The NFC Integrino N512 is designed to be pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino Nano, making it a straightforward upgrade for those familiar with Arduino development.

  2. Integrated NFC IC Chip: Powered by NXP’s PN512 NFC frontend chip, the NFC Integrino N512 ensures consistent and efficient NFC performance.

  3. ATmega32U MCU: The ATmega32U microcontroller provides a solid foundation for running Arduino code natively, unleashing the full potential of your NFC-enabled Arduino projects.

  4. USB Interface: The USB interface simplifies connectivity, eliminating the need for external NFC readers or shields. Plug-and-play convenience is at your fingertips.

  5. MFRC-522 Library Compatibility: The NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module is fully compatible with the MFRC-522 RFID Reader library, a popular and well-documented library used in countless Arduino projects. This compatibility opens doors to an extensive library of existing projects and resources for NFC development.

PN 512 NFC Reader ilustrationWho Can Benefit from DL512’s Arduino-Based Functionality?

The NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module is tailored for a wide range of users, including:

  • Hobbyists: Dive into the world of NFC-enabled Arduino projects with ease.
  • Students: Explore educational opportunities by incorporating NFC technology into your Arduino experiments.
  • IT Professionals: Seamlessly integrate NFC functionality into your IT solutions and projects.

Unlocking the Possibilities of Arduino NFC Integration

With the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Whether you’re interested in creating NFC-enabled access control systems, inventory management solutions, or interactive RFID-based art installations, this Arduino-centric device empowers you to bring your ideas to life.

Robust NFC Communication

The NFC Integrino N512 NFC module operates at HF 13.56 MHz, offering robust NFC communication capabilities. It is compatible with a wide range of NFC standards, including MIFARE Mini®, MIFARE Classic® (1K, 4K, EV1), MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight C®, MIFARE Plus® (2K, 4K, S, X, EV1), MIFARE DESFire® (Light, 2K, 4K, 8K, EV1, EV2), NXP NTAG® 21x (210, 213, 215, 216, Tag Tamper), NXP NTAG® 4xx DNA (413, 424), NXP JCOP® Java Card (J3A040, J3A081, J3H145, JC30M48CR), Jewel, and FeliCa.

Versatility Unleashed

The integrated PN512 IC also supports NFC card emulation and full Peer-to-Peer functionality, expanding the scope of NFC interactions and applications.

Streamlined Development

Developers can harness the power of the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module with ease. Its compatibility with the MFRC-522 library simplifies the development process, offering access to a wide array of functions and examples, such as:

  • Reading basic information of an NFC card, including card type, card UID, and card SAK.
  • Enabling keyboard emulation functionality to input card information into various applications.
  • Providing LED feedback to indicate NFC card presence.

Flexibility for Customization

The NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module provides extensive pinout options, allowing for customization and adaptation to specific project requirements. This flexibility ensures that developers can tailor the module to suit their unique applications seamlessly.

Upgradable Firmware

Choose from various firmware versions, ranging from basic UID reading to advanced features like AES authentication and iOS NFC pass reading. Upgrade your firmware at any time to match the evolving needs of your projects.

Unlock the Future of Arduino NFC Projects

With the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module, Digital Logic Ltd. continues to empower developers and enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of NFC applications within the Arduino ecosystem. As the NFC technology landscape evolves, the NFC Integrino N512 stands ready to support your creative endeavors.

For more information about the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader module, its Arduino compatibility, and how it can enhance your NFC-enabled Arduino projects, please visit the NFC Integrino N512 NFC Reader page or contact our expert team for personalized assistance. Join us in embracing the NFC revolution with Arduino at its heart!