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Jul 07

Introducing JustID RFID NFC Reader

Introducing JustID RFID NFC Reader

The User-Friendly Device for NFC RFID Serial Number (UID) Reading

We are thrilled to announce the launch of JustID RFID NFC Reader, a cutting-edge device designed to meet the needs of customers requiring seamless NFC card or tag serial number (UID) reading. With the ability to connect to a host platform such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone, JustID Reader is the perfect solution for individuals of all experience levels, offering hassle-free NFC card/tag UID reading.

JustID RFID NFC ReaderJID USB Reader composition is available in several variants, each offering unique features catered to different requirements:

  • JustID Lite: Reading ISO14443 A/B UID only.
  • JustID Standard: Reading ISO14443 A/B and ISO15693 UID.
  • JustID Plus: Enables DES/AES authentication for DESFire, MIFARE Plus, and NTAG 424 DNA tags.
  • JustID VAS: Enables reading NFC passes from iOS phones using Apple VAS (Apple Value Added Services).

This reader is also available as an OEM module.

Experience the versatility of JustID RFID NFC Reader as it effortlessly reads the serial numbers of NFC cards/tags, regardless of your skill set or familiarity with NFC technology. This exceptional device is ideal for various applications, including inventory/asset management, login systems, attendance tracking, loyalty programs, library management, and more.

JustID NFC Reader is powered by the PN7462 NFC controller from NXP, utilizing 13.56MHz contactless (RFID) HF technology. It supports ISO14443 A/B and ISO15693 standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of NFC cards and tags.

The reader offers both HID (Human Interface Device) and CDC ACM (USB communications device class – Virtual COM Port) interface options, allowing for seamless plug-and-play usage without the need for additional software or drivers. In HID usage, the device emulates a keyboard, inputting the NFC card’s UID into the selected text field. In CDC ACM usage, the UID is transmitted asynchronously to the Virtual COM Port, facilitating integration with various terminals or software utilizing COM Port communication.

Upgradeable via firmware updates, JustID NFC Reader can evolve alongside your needs. Choose from the four firmware versions available, each offering a different level of functionality.  Using the JustID premium firmware license to your JustID device, you can acquire all of the features at once or go step-by-step by upgrading the firmware version level by level. Aside from the default support for HID and CDC ACM interfaces, as well as UID reading of ISOO14443 A/B cards and tags, the JustID Lite can be upgraded to a more advanced reader by adding a new smart card standard support with Standard firmware, advanced security features of DES/AES authentication with Plus firmware, and finally Apple VAS support with VAS firmware.

Enjoy the freedom of customization with JustID Reader. Personalize your device with customized labels or opt for the OEM PCB option. Additionally, the reader is available with UART TTL connectivity, allowing seamless integration with embedded devices such as microcontrollers, single-board computers, and other devices featuring a UART TTL interface.

Embrace the future of NFC reading with JustID RFID NFC Reader. Unlock advanced features, simplify operations, and enhance your NFC experience. Get your JustID device today and discover great simplicity and the limitless possibilities it offers.

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