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DL512 NFC Reader module based on Arduino

13.56MHz, ISO14443 A/B, ISO18092, NFC emulation, APDU, USB

DL512 NFC Reader is an advanced and compact NFC module based on Arduino technology, designed to be pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino Nano.

Built around the authentic NXP’s PN512 NFC frontend chip and ATmega32U MCU, this single-board NFC module provides consistent, efficient performance, and offers a seamless upgrade for those familiar with the standard Arduino and NFC Shield approach.

DL512 NFC reader is developed and produced by Digital Logic Ltd, an electronics manufacturer with over 17 years of experience in developing NFC modules. Digital Logic Ltd always emphasizes using original components, valuing quality and peak performance, ensuring that customers benefit from our extensive expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence.

PN 512 NFC Reader ilustration

Who is it for?

Envisioned as a single-board replacement and enhancement to the Arduino + NFC shield combination, the DL512 NFC Reader addresses the needs of a diverse audience, including hobbyists, students, and IT professionals.


DL512 NFC module has a USB interface and integrates both MCU (ATmega32U) and NFC IC (PN512) in a single board, distinguishing it from other Arduino-based solutions on the market which require the use of an external NFC reader mounted as an Arduino shield.

DL512 NFC module ensures dependable and optimal NFC interactions, further enriched by the capability to run Arduino code natively. This presents users with an Arduino-centric device enhanced with NFC functionalities.

This NFC module’s RF communication is based on its robust, highly integrated NXP IC interface. The device operates on HF 13.56 MHz and works with cards, labels, wristbands, and tags of ISO/IEC 14443 A, ISO/IEC 14443 B, and ISO/IEC 18092 standards:

  • MIFARE Mini®,
  • MIFARE Classic® (1K, 4K, EV1),
  • MIFARE Ultralight®,
  • MIFARE Ultralight C®,
  • MIFARE Plus® (2K, 4K, S, X, EV1),
  • MIFARE DESFire® (Light, 2K, 4K, 8K, EV1, EV2),
  • NXP NTAG® 21x (210, 213, 215, 216, Tag Tamper),
  • NXP NTAG® 4xx DNA (413, 424),
  • NXP JCOP® Java Card (J3A040, J3A081, J3H145, JC30M48CR).
  • Jewel
  • FeliCa 

The integrated PN512 IC also supports NFC card emulation and full Peer-to-Peer functionality.
For detailed information about PN512 IC and card communication protocols, contact NXP Semiconductors.


DL512 NFC Reader module based on Arduino
DL512 NFC Reader pinout
Pin NumberPin NameMapped Pin NamePin NumberPin NameMapped Pin Name
1PC7Digital pin 1316PD6Digital pin 12
23.3V3.3V17PB7Digital pin 11
3AREFREF18PB6Digital pin 10
4PF0Analog pin 019PB5Digital pin 9
5PF1Analog pin 120PB4Digital pin 8
6PE6Analog pin 221PE6Digital pin 7
7PD7Analog pin 322PD7Digital pin 6
8PF4Analog pin 423PC6Digital pin 5
9PF5Analog pin 524PD4Digital pin 4
10PF6Analog pin 625PD0Digital pin 3
11PF7Analog pin 726PD1Digital pin 2

Library and Software SDK

To use the device, an RFID library is essential. We’ve adapted the well-known MFRC-522 RFID Reader library* and released the MFRC522_PN512 library to be compatible with the PN512 chip. You can access the PN512 library via the Arduino Library Manager within the Arduino IDE or directly from our GitHub at
For more information about compatibility with other Arduino boards visit:

Currently available software examples:
GetCardInfo – Reading basic information of an NFC card, such as card type, card UID, and card SAK. Displaying information in the serial monitor
GetCardUID – Reading card UID. Displaying information in the serial monitor.
LEDCard – Green LED flashing while the NFC card is in the RF field.
SendCardInfoToUSB – Reading basic information of an NFC card, such as card type, card UID, and card SAK. Keyboard emulation functionality.
SendCardUIDToUSB – Reading card UID. Keyboard emulation functionality.

Software examples for PN512 can be accessed at:

In addition to these PN512 examples, the original examples for the MFRC522 can be found in the “/examples/MFRC522” directory. 

*The original library committed by miguelbalboa is available at

DL512 NFC module specification

Operating frequency13.56 MHz
Read rangeUp 50mm (0”-1.97”)
Read and write speedUp to 424 kbps
Supply current150mA (operating)
Supply voltage5V
Supported cards and tags

MIFARE® family: MIFARE Mini®, MIFARE Classic® (1K, 4K, EV1), MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight C®, MIFARE PLUS® (2K, 4K, S, X, EV1), MIFARE DESFire® (Light, 2K, 4K, 8K, EV1, EV2)

NTAG® family: NXP NTAG® 2xx Type 2 (210, 213, 215, 216 Tag Tamper), NXP NTAG® 4xx DNA Type 4 (413, 424)

SmartMX® family: NXP JCOP® Java Card (J3A040, J3A081, J3H145, JC30M48CR)

Supported Operating SystemsMicrosoft® Windows™, Linux®, macOS, Android, iOS
Smart Card InterfaceISO14443 Type A & B, ISO18092
Related equipmentUSB cable
Size & Weight
ModelDimensions (mm)Device Commercial Set
DL512 NFC reader module51.3 x 23.9 x 2026 g110 g


An extended “Three-year” warranty is available on request. Contact us for more details.

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