Oct 05

uFR Series NFC RFID Reader Writer – Firmware update 5.0.68

NFC RFID Reader Writer µFR Series firmware version 5.0.68

The following bug fixes and feature upgrades have been included in the latest uFR Series Firmware release:

5.0.68 Changelog

  • RGB Ring signalization feature added

Interested in building a system based on the µFR series reader/writer?

Discover strong arguments for why this is the best development tool for your new NFC RFID solution.

The µFR NFC RFID reader/writer series includes mutually compatible NFC RFID development tools, all of which come with fully-featured cross-platform free SDK projects and a wealth of comprehensive documents, including the API and communication protocol.

Digital Logic-designed firmware is operating on every piece of µFR Series hardware that runs on an MCU platform. The reader and host can communicate directly using the fast FTDI chip.

The device’s primary communication protocol is a proprietary one developed by Digital Logic.
Using libraries that are defined in the  API docs, users can access a variety of complex built-in features in the FR Series firmware.

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