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Base HD – NFC RFID Access Control Reader

Access Control & Time Attendance NFC RFID System Development

Base HD is a comprehensive NFC RFID Reader that implements time attendance and access control functions the best of all Digital Logic development tools (µFR Series).
What sets this device apart from our other devices is the ability to work at a distance of up to 320m from the computer without additional power. The device is powered exclusively via the USB port on the computer.
It uses the RS-485 communication protocol, which is fully transparent to the system and the user. Therefore, this reader can behave as any µFR NFC RFID Reader Writer. Consequently, the same Software Development Kit, API functions, drivers, and protocol can be used to develop NFC systems with Base HD as for device-based µFR systems.

Besides, Base HD is a low-power RFID device and uses only +5V USB power to operate. For that reason, the NFC development kit includes a USB/RS-485 transceiver converter as well

Also, Base HD also has built-in relays that make this device suitable for access control and similar systems. For example, the software can trigger the relay to lock or unlock the door locking mechanism.

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Integrated components

Base HD NFC RFID Reader with built-in Relays for Access Control

  • Real-Time Clock (RTC)
    • Provides added security against changing the log’s date and time
  • User-configurable EEPROM
    • Enables writing of certain data (user data, licenses, certificates, etc.) into the device.
    • Read-only access
    • Writing enabled only with a password
  • Buzzer (Beeper)
    • User controllable built-in speaker
    • Sound on Reading and Write events
  • Relay
    • For triggering the electronic lock mechanism (used for access control)

Base HD is an NFC-compatible Contactless Smart Card and Tag RFID Reader Writer – programmer intended for implementation with MIFARE® and other ISO14443A/B compatible cards, tags, key fobs, stickers, and wristbands.

Base HD – NFC RFID Reader Writer fully supports both 4-byte and 7-byte UIDs and an anti-collision mechanism. It also supports NFC Forum Type 2 and tags like NTAG and Ultralight family.

In addition to the hardware, the NFC system development kit contains a fully-featured API with examples, libraries, development tools, and software for everyday use. The libraries for Windows (“*.dll”) and Linux (“*.so”) OS platforms are included as well. The reader acts as a serial interface device: So it is visible on any platform. It is successfully implemented on Mac, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, and Android OS ( up from the 3.2 Honeycomb version).

All source code software examples are available in all major programming languages.

For example:

  • Java (and Java Applet example),
  • JavaScript (unique feature, convenient for PHP usage),
  • Lazarus,
  • Borland Delphi,
  • C++ Borland Builder,
  • Microsoft® Visual .NET family: C++, C#, VB

At the customer’s request, our team also develops software examples in other programming languages ​​that are not currently included in our repository.
Such requests are processed according to priorities that are aligned with a similar project’s existence in the development queue or partner relations with the client.

Most importantly, support is provided for all the developing platforms.

The software package includes a set of very useful applications intended for everyday use. Such as:

Base HD NFC RFID Reader with access control relays 21

  • Application for programming and manipulation of NFC compliant like NTAG and MIFARE Ultralight®, with source code, included.
  • Android NFC phone App – Android NFC phone Application for MIFARE® reading. Write a card with uFR, and read it with an NFC phone!
  • Formatter – application for card/tag formatting and programming
  • uFR2FileSystem – keyboard simulation, data reading, data parsing into several formats, and sending data to MySQL database via HTTP.
  • Application for NTAG and MIFARE Ultralight® programming and manipulation.
  • Application for creating and writing common NDEF messages into NFC tags
  • Reader Keys application – for easy manipulation of keys stored in the reader

Our support team provides explanations and assistance for the implementation and custom solutions development to each customer’s requirements.

Downloads: Software examples with SDK, AIS Hotel API, and configuration

Operating modes

Base HD NFC RFID Reader Writer can operate in two basic modes: autonomous and non-autonomous.

In non-autonomous mode device acts as all other readers from the uFR series, like Classic, Nano, and Advanced. The same protocol, libraries, Software development kit API, and examples are used for this purpose.

A significant difference is that Base HD devices can work on installations where long cable runs are a must. So, for example, you can establish a PC-Base HD communication link with a 320m (1000) ft cable using only USB power.

In addition, Base HD RFID NFC Reader has a built-in access control IO module, which has the following functionalities:

  • Door strike lock contacts
  • Push to open button contacts
  • NO & NC relay contacts
  • Door state contact inputs

When the autonomous mode is enabled, the device can operate independently. As a result, it does not require a direct connection to the host. In this case, it only needs a USB or equivalent power supply (5V DC).

The device stores card-related events in non-volatile memory. Also, each event is sent asynchronously to the host as a Real-Time Event (RTE).

The device can store up to 16384 separate events. After its buffer overflows, it starts to erase the oldest events to free memory for new forthcoming events.

  • Electronic payment systems
  • Identification systems
  • Access control systems
  • Subscription services
  • Banking systems
  • Digital content system
  • Customer loyalty systems
  • Vending machines
  • Time & attendance
  • Machine work attendance
  • NFC card and tag programming
  • NFC NDEF records management
  • Network access control
  • Inventory management
  • Software login management
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Public transport terminals
  • Cashless payment
  • Parking systems
  • Reception desk services
  • Event visitors attendance
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Libraries, museums, stadium events
  • Identity verification, data exchange & contactless transaction
  • Useful for the binding device to software license
  • Supporting multiple OS (Win, Linux, Android)
  • USB compliant interface
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Proximity read/write speed up to 424 kbps
  • Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with a reading distance of up to 60 mm
  • Supports MIFARE® and other ISO 14443 Type A/B
  • Supports ISO18092 NFC tags
  • Built-in anti-collision feature
  • RFID Reader locking by passwords and keys
  • Application Programming Interface:
  • Virtual COM through FTDI
  • User controllable LEDs
  • Upgradable (3-year or 5-year) warranty
  • NFC cards and tags reading/writing (programming) 
  • NFC NDEF Record writing: MIME types, URI types, vCard, SMS, Phone, URL
  • Card formatting
  • Card linear space emulation
  • Card block direct access
  • Card sectors and blocks indirect access
  • Card Keys and Access Bits management
  • Block values management (increment/decrement)
  • Asynchronously sending of Card UID to COM port (feature programmable)
  • DES and 3DES Software Encryption
  • Optional APDU structure (application protocol data unit) with examples of the Credit Card use in public data reading
  • Shell-like environment for easy testing and automation
  • Web browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
  • Digital Signing source code examples: contactless signing of digital documents with PKI (public key infrastructure) certificates

Downloads: API Documentation, µFR COM Protocol, Software source code examples with SDK

The documentation contains a detailed explanation of API and communication protocol reference with actual byte-level examples for communication protocol implementation. Our API provides a very comfortable way of implementation, and we highly recommend it. When API implementation is not possible, a communication protocol is a very good alternative. We provide regular updates for all libraries, firmware, examples, tools, and documents. Updates are FREE and are available for download from the official Digital Logic GitLab repository

Our tech support team is available to assist with all inquiries you may have. After submitting a free technical support ticket, you should receive a response within two to fifteen days, depending on the intricacy of your inquiry. Please refer to our premium technical support plans for swift assistance.

We are open to custom development requirements based on specific customer needs. Feel free to contact us for any questions or further assistance regarding your projects and implementation.

Base HD hardware specification

Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Read rangeThe operating distance is 2o-80mm (0,78”-3,15”), depending on the antenna geometry and reader configuration
Supported cable length Up to 320 meters (1050 feet)
Supply current 150mA (operating)
Supply voltage 5V
Supported cards and tags

MIFARE® family: MIFARE Mini®, MIFARE Classic® (1K, 4K, EV1), MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight C®, MIFARE PLUS® (2K, 4K), MIFARE DESFire® (Light, 2K, 4K, 8K, EV1, EV2)

NTAG® family: NXP NTAG® 2xx Type 2 (210, 213, 215, 216 Tag Tamper), NXP NTAG® 4xx DNA Type 4 (413, 424)

SmartMX® family: NXP JCOP® Java Card (J3A040, J3A081, J3H145, JC30M48CR)

Connection and power supply RS-485 or USB (RS-485-to-USB converter included)
SoftwareLibrary and SDK for Java, Java Applet, JavaScript, Node JS extensions, Lazarus, Borland Delphi, C, C + + Builder, C++ WxWidgets, Microsoft® Visual C++ .NET, Microsoft® Visual C #, Microsoft® Visual Basic .NET, PHP, Python, and Arduino IDE examples
Supported Operating SystemsMicrosoft® Windows™, Linux®, macOS, Android
Smart Card Interface ISO14443 Type A & B, ISO18092 
Built-in components Buzzer, Real-Time Clock (RTC), EEPROM, Relay
AccessoriesCards, key-fobs, labels, wristbands, tags
Size & Weight 
ModelDimensions (mm)DeviceCommercial Set
Base HD86 x 54 x 9150 g311 g