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Jul 10

Nexudus Check-ins & Digital Logic NFC RFID Card Reader Integration

Nexudus Check-ins – Checking in using µFR Classic card reader and smart card

Nexudus Door Controller Integration and implementation description

You can use Radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices to automate the check-in process. You need an external USB reader connected to a computer with access to the Admin Panel in your Nexudus account and you must install the Nexudus Door Controller Software. Then, to check in, a member simply taps their card on the reader.

You must install the device in the reception area of your space and supply your customers with RFID access cards. The cards must be compatible with the model of your USB reader. Each card has a unique code which you must register in your customers’ profiles. This allows your members or contacts to tap the card against the reader to check in or out.

Required Hardware

Nexudus works with any type of card reader that “types out” the ID on the keyboard. This means that when one of the coded cards is tapped on to the reader, it is as if you’d typed out its ID on the keyboard. Most USB readers work in this way, meaning that you do not need to install special software or additional drivers for them to work with Nexudus.

A µFR Classic RFID reader

RFID check-in works with µFR Classic card readers. For more information, check out RFID NFC Reader Writer – µFR Classic.

You should also make sure you can plug the reader into a computer from which you can access your Nexudus account.

RFID cards

The cards you choose must be compatible with the µFR Classic RFID reader. Each of the cards comes with a unique code that you’ll need to add to the corresponding customer’s account on the Admin Panel.

Nexudus Door Controller

You also need to install the Nexudus Door Controller Software on the same computer that is connected to your RFID reader.

Simply follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the setup. Once you’ve successfully connected the software to your RFID reader, you can start registering RFID access cards for customers.

Registering RFID Access Cards

  1. In the Admin Panel side menu, click Operations.
  2. In the Customers section, click Members & Contacts.
  3. Click the profile for which you want to register the card.
  4. Click Account.
  5. Click Services.
  6. In the Access section, click Access Cards.
  7. In the Access cards field, type the card number or tag, and press Enter or Tab on your keyboard.
  8. Optional: Click PIN to set a PIN for the card.
  9. Click Save changes.
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