Log and Access Control Mode Activation License

µFR Nano Online Firmware Upgrade

This license activates the Log and Access Control mode of the µFR Nano Online devices.

  • Log mode adds the Event Log for storing card events when the device loses an internet connection. The event Log is automatically sent to the server once the connection is established again.
  • Access Control mode adds whitelists, blacklists, and relay configuration options.

This premium firmware version is compliant with a network NFC RFID reader/writer µFR Nano Online. Besides the standard function, this firmware contains additional access control mode functions required for µFR Nano Online device communication with other access control hardware, such as electromechanical locks, strikes, actuators, magnetic door sensors, etc.

Log and Access Control Mode license unlocks the device configuration options:

  • Access control mode additional options
  • Log mode without access control
  • Log mode with access control.

Access control mode includes the following:

  • Relay pulse time: The duration in milliseconds during which the relay emits a square wave pulse
  • Relay pulse frequency: The square wave output frequency in Hz
  • Relay pulse power: The square wave output power (duty cycle)
  • Relay active time: The duration in milliseconds during which the output remains high following the square wave pulse.

NOTE: This firmware upgrade cannot be used with the first µFR Nano Online hardware version with ESP32-WROOM-32 microchip!

Find more details on how to enable µFR Nano Online Log and Access Control Mode in our knowledge base.