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Mar 11

Digital Logic Unveils New Video: Exploring the µFR Zero and NFC Integrino N512 Series Ahead of Embedded World 2024

Digital Logic Unveils New Video
Exploring the µFR Zero and NFC Integrino N512 Series Ahead of Embedded World 2024

In our continued effort to push the boundaries of NFC and RFID technology, Digital Logic is excited to bring you an exclusive look into the future of innovative solutions with the launch of a new video presentation. Our latest video provides an in-depth look at two of our newest product series: the µFR Zero and the NFC Integrino N512 Arduino-based series. Both series represent the forefront of NFC and RFID development, designed to cater to a wide range of applications from professional to hobbyist projects.

As we gear up for Embedded World 2024, we’re eager to share with you the capabilities and unique features that make these series stand out in the realm of NFC and RFID technologies.

The µFR Zero series, with its compact design and modular capabilities, is engineered to meet the diverse needs of NFC development. It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering a range of connectivity options and compatibility with ISO15693 and ISO14443 A/B standards.

Simultaneously, the NFC Integrino N512 series merges the flexibility of Arduino with the power of NFC technology, providing an accessible platform for developers to integrate NFC capabilities into their projects seamlessly.

We invite you to watch the video and dive into the technical specifications and design highlights of the µFR Zero and NFC Integrino N512 series. Discover how these advancements can elevate your NFC and RFID projects, whether you’re developing for professional purposes or exploring new possibilities as a hobbyist.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into Digital Logic’s latest innovations and how they’re shaping the future of NFC and RFID technologies. As we count down to Embedded World 2024, we look forward to presenting these solutions in person and discussing their potential impact on your projects.

Watch the video and stay tuned for more updates as we approach Embedded World 2024.

Join us in Nuremberg to experience these innovations firsthand and learn more about the vast possibilities our products offer.

For further information on our participation in Embedded World 2024 and to explore more about Digital Logic’s range of products, contact us and follow our social media channels.