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µFR Online Access Control Module

– µFR Online  Hardware Upgrade –

The µFR Online Access Control module is a powerful and reliable solution for expanding the capabilities of µFR Nano Online devices.

This specially designed relay module is perfect for connecting your µFR Nano Online to electromechanical locks, strikes, actuators, magnetic door sensors, and more.

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf relay modules, this module is equipped with Solid State relays, which provide superior reliability, faster switching, higher voltage and current ratings, improved noise immunity, and low power consumption – making it ideal for industrial or commercial applications where longevity and efficiency are key factors.

In addition to its robust relay capabilities, the µFR Online Access Control module also features a built-in buzzer and RGB LED output for audible and visual signaling.

The module also includes a DC/DC converter with a voltage range of 5V – 24V.

Upgrade your access control system with the µFR Online Access Control module today.

ufr nano online log and access control module


Schematic of hardware connection

Access control module Connection with the uFR Online

Log and Access Control Mode for µFR Nano Online

– Premium Upgrade –

The Access Control Mode of the µFR Online devices provides features for communication with other various access control hardware. Upgrading the µFR Online reader with Access Control Module makes it possible to connect it with electromechanical locks, strikes, actuators, magnetic door sensors, etc.

Log and Access Control Mode Activation License

µFR Nano Online Firmware Upgrade

This license activates the Log and Access Control mode of the µFR Nano Online devices.

Log mode adds the Event Log for storing card events when the device loses an internet connection. The event Log is automatically transmitted to the server once the connection is established again. Users can configure whitelists and blacklists in the device memory.

The Access Control section adds relay configuration options such as:

  • Relay pulse time:  The duration of time in milliseconds that the relay emits a square wave pulse
  • Relay pulse frequency: The square wave output frequency in Hz
  • Relay pulse power: The square wave output power (duty cycle)
  • Relay active time: The time in milliseconds that the output remains high after the square wave pulse.

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NOTE: This firmware upgrade is not compatible with the first µFR Nano Online hardware version with the ESP32-WROOM-32 microchip!

Learn more about activating the µFR Nano Online Log and Access Control Mode.