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µFR Online Flasher

Firmware flashing software tool for µFR Nano Online

ufr nano online, desktop flasher

µFR Online Flasher software has three important features:

Firmware flashing

This feature requires an internet connection.
When the µFR Online NFC Reader is connected, software checks the device’s firmware integrity and lists all the available firmware for the connected device.
When the desired firmware is selected, the flasher tool downloads uniquely encrypted firmware which corresponds only with the micro-controller of the connected device.
Firmware is decrypted inside the micro-controller and the upgrade process begins.

Factory reset

This feature resets the device to factory default settings.

OEM Lock/Unlock

OEM Unlock erases the device’s firmware and allows users to write/install their own custom firmware. This feature needs to be used with extreme caution as it can damage the device and void warranty.
OEM Lock restores µFR Online firmware. OEM Lock can be performed 3 times only. Any OEM Unlock after that will leave the device permanently OEM unlocked.

µFR Online Flasher Video Tutorial

The video instruction below demonstrates firmware flashing, factory reset, and the implementation of the OEM Lock/Unlock feature.

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