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µFR Online Configurator

Desktop software tool for µFR Nano Online NFC Reader configuration

uFR Online Configurator is a desktop GUI software tool for configuring µFR Nano Online NFC readers via USB cable. This software tool allows you to edit, import, export, and reset the configuration of the µFR Nano Online reader in case the device cannot be detected on the network or the Internet connection fails.

Docs & Software Download

Software overview

Software functions:
  • µFR Nano Online reader configuration and reset
Supported operating systems, platforms, and environments:
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS
  • MAC OS
  • Raspberry Pi
Recommended hardware:
  • µFR Nano Online
  • µFR Prime Online (Release date TBA)
config GUI
Software download

uFR Online Configurator is an executable software for µFR Nano Online device configuration.

download config

Software manual

1. uFR Online Configurator – Install

Download: ufr_online-configurator

Download and unpack the software file.

If you have installed your hardware and related drivers correctly, you can now select and run the executable file for your current operating system.

config os

2. uFR Online Configurator – Run

The extracted project root folder contains subfolders with uFR Online Configurator software executive files for supported operating systems.
Go to the folder named after your PC/laptop operating system and run the executable file of the uFR Online Configurator software tool.

run confif

3. uFR Online Configuration – Connect the reader

Connect µFR Nano Online NFC reader to your PC/Laptop via USB cable and click the Connect uFR Online button.
This will establish communication with the connected device and display the device configuration settings.

connect config

4. uFR Online Configurator – Switch modes

As via the device’s frontend configuration panel, this software also allows you to quickly change your µFR Nano Online device modes by clicking the desired mode button at the top of the screen.

config modes

4.1  – uFR Online Configurator – Slave Mode

slave config

4.2  – uFR Online Configurator – Master Mode

master config

4.3  – uFR Online Configurator – BLE Mode

slave config 1

4.4  – uFR Online Configurator – BLE HID Mode

BLE HID config

4.5  – uFR Online Configurator – BT Mode

BT config

4. uFR Online Configurator – View/Edit device configuration

Click the Edit Device Configuration button to view and edit all the device configuration settings.

config edit


Click the Edit Device Configuration button and find the desired feature (in our case it is BT mode).

BT1 config

The option Value is an actual desired value for the features (Keys) that require a specific parameter/value entry.
The rest of the options refer to the status of those specific functions (Keys) and the value can be:

1 – for the status Enabled
0 – for the status Disabled.

To modify the device current settings manually, follow the steps:

  • Click the Edit Device Configuration button
  • Find the desired feature (in our case it is BT mode).
  • Edit the feature Value (we will replace the Value 1 with 0 to disable the BLE mode)
  • Click the Save Configuration To Device button to apply the changes.
BT off config

5. uFR Online Configurator – Export/Import device configuration

Export and Import device configuration function provides the ability to save one or more versions of device settings. The software stores the configuration in a JSON file that can be easily imported back. In this way, multiple versions of the configuration can be backed up and applied to the device very quickly without the need to edit each feature individually.

5.1  – uFR Online Configurator – Export device configuration

Click the Export Device Configuration button to export the current device configuration file.

export config

Select the location on your computer where you want to save the exported file.
You can optionally enter the appropriate file name or just confirm the default file name that matches the serial number of the device.

export save config

Click the Save button to save this configuration.

save config

5.2  – uFR Online Configurator – Import device configuration

Click the Import Device Configuration button to import the previously saved configuration file.

import file config

Select the desired JSON file and confirm the import to apply the previously saved device configuration settings. 

import process config

6. uFR Online Configurator – Reset configuration to the factory default

This function resets the device configuration to the factory default settings.
Click the Reset Configuration To Factory Defaults button to reset the device configuration.

reset factory config
factory reset done

NOTE: The factory reset will reset the device network connection so the online configuration panel will no longer be available on the previously assigned device IP. However, the reset does not apply to the ESP32 and Nano reader firmware (both embedded into the µFR Nano Online device). 

default config