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Sep 05

µFR Series readers on the Android – first release

Free source code software example of how to use µFR Series readers on the Android host

This source code software example is written for Android Studio V1.5 or higher. Shows basic usage of µFR Series reader on Android.

Getting Started

Download project, open source in Android Studio, compile and run. SDK project is available at ufr-examples-android-block-read.
The ufr-lib-android class is mandatory for this project.


  • µFR series reader
  • Android Studio V1.5 or higher,
  • An Android device with OTG support

NOTE: If you have an Android device without OTG support, you can still use it but only if you involve our APB – Android Power Bridge.


No installation is needed.

Background explanation

µFR Series readers’ communication with Android is performed through a physical USB port and established via our serial protocol. Android device must be capable of performing OTG functionality, e.g. where Android would be a host while the reader is a slave device.
Class ufr-lib-android is mandatory for this project, it adds functions and calls to device firmware features and commands.
Please refer to documents related to serial protocol in /ufr-doc/ project for more details.


An example provides basic functionality, such as getting card serial-UID, reading and writing blocks of data, and use of UI controls like sound.


The purpose of this demo software is to provide additional info about the usage of µFR Series-specific features.
It is specific to mentioned hardware ONLY and some other hardware might have a different approach, please bear in mind that.

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