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µFR Nano Online Installation Manual

Follow the instructions below to install your µFR Nano Online reader.

Step 1: Power on a device #

  • Connect the device to a power source
  • Wait for a few moments for the device to boot in Access Point mode (check the LED status table).

The device will blink until the client is not connected.

Step 2: Connect to the µFR Nano Online #

  • Scan for networks using your WiFi-enabled device (computer, smartphone, etc.)
  • Connect to the device SSID named ONxxxxxx
  • Wait for the connection to be made successfully
  • Open your favorite web browser and navigate to


Step 3: Set up your device #

  • After the web page is loaded successfully log in using default credentials (user: ufr, password: ufr)
  • Wait for a few moments for the device to scan for available WiFi networks
  • Select a WiFi network and click the connect button
  • Enter the password for the wireless network if needed and wait to connect successfully.


Step 4: Finish setting up your device #

  • Click on the µFR Nano Online button on the top left corner to find out your new IP address
  • Reboot your µFR Nano Online reader.